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About MediaLinkers

Since our inception in 2002, we have been delivering results-driven, affordable websites and online solutions to help you reach your business goals. We have a unique track record in developing the most advanced and contemporary websites across the globe. Our commitment to our customers includes constantly working to improve our company’s customer service and to ensure we are offering them the products and services they need to succeed on the Internet..

Quick Stats

(last updated Nov 2016)

  • Year of Incorporation: 2002
  • Total number of in house staff: 45
  • Total number of projects completed: 3200 (direct customers and through resellers)
  • Number of Websites Hosted: 2600
  • Employee Retention Rate: 95% per annum
  • Client satisfaction ratio: 100%
  • Total Mocks designed: 8450
  • Financial Liabilities: 0.00
  • Total Domains owned: 840
  • First website: (2001)
  • Growth Rate: Average 38% Per annum
  • Attrition rate: 0%
M.Sajjad, CEO Medialinkers

About the founder:

MediaLinkers seeds were planted when CEO & Founder in 2002 when M. Sajjad quit his job to use his extensive experience in his own small but professionally set business entity. He is Father of 3 kids and currently lives in USA to manage MediaLinkers office in Atlanta, GA. When not in front of his Computer he enjoys playing Soccer, Cricket, Xbox and Photography.

Message from CEO

When I started MediaLinkers back in 2002 I did so because I believed that there was a place in the western market for a company dedicated to producing high quality web designs at affordable prices. I had absolutely no idea or plan to service the market of Pakistan. Back in 2006 while we had established a brand name around the globe, the overwhelming response from Pakistan did not let me stay away from considering the local demand. I am glad, that MediaLinkers earned good reputation for being competent, creative and responsive to our customer’s in Pakistan. We at MediaLinkers are committed to the goal of One Stop web solutions in Pakistan and we are there to stay when and where you need us. When you select MediaLinkers, you select a company founded on ethical principals and one which upholds a reputation in the Web Design industry of Pakistan.

Best Regards
M. Sajjad - CEO and Founder

Our Testimonials

What our clients think about us.

  • First Class Professional company who I would recommend to any business. Unbelievable job and went extra mile to exceed my expectations.

    Dr. Sohail Rana

    Founder Perfect Smile
  • My experience with the crew from MediaLinkers was just tremendous. Very professional and hard working team..

    Zahid amin

    Managing Partner at GSO Pak